MoRich Divinity Series: Book #3. What is “Black Licorice”? You’ll travel into the spiritual realm in this book that helps you get in depth spiritual perspective and understanding of true unconditional love.

The spiritually seductive love story of the MoRich Books Divinity series is a ride like no other. The worlds of Shemaiya Rae and Serdoni Gucciani unexpectedly collide. She’s the Native and African American waitress working at his father’s best friend’s upscale restaurant. He’s the Italian bad boy bachelor that relentlessly tries to gain her interest. Finally, she succumbs and he takes her on the emotional ride of her life that she knew he was destined to. His involvement in organizing death certificates isn’t her problem. How to stop the ride and get off safely is. But first, she must ask herself if she wants to get off or whether she’s enjoying the ride.