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Partnering intellect with guidance through fiction and nonfiction materials providing a sense of literacy. Building spiritual life bricks with storylines and character development.

The MoRich Publishing team has the unique ability to marry literature with personal development on a spiritually based platform.

Sherri Monae
Sherri MonaeOwner, Author
Sherri Monae has been honing her writing and entrepreneurial skills for almost 4 decades. Education and life experiences have allowed her to help many people in her circle with expanding themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally leading them to live better, whole lives.

“I started my first business at 8 years, a very lucrative candy selling operation in my third-grade classroom. After writing my first book at 12, real life and all its traumas took over. I decided to dedicate my life to GOD and follow the lifestyle of JESUS CHRIST in 1995. Shortly after came the clear vision of my purpose.

I began working on the first book, Lookin’, completing it in 2006. The passing of my best friend from cancer in 2003 clarified for me time is promised to no man so I continue to pray and drive myself to see this Divinity Series serve its purpose.”


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