ilhelmina Gaines (Wilhe when she’s in prowl mode) pays for her drink then gathers her bags to leave the airport. 

The movie she’s been watching in the lounge gives her an idea. The sight of a building blowing up is so Mafia-friendly it fits the current occasion. She picks up a rental car not worried about her flight or the list of Los Angeles appointments she has in the morning. Wilhe won’t allow her to. 

Walking in the home improvement store she walks straight to the cement, grabs a few wires, chemicals, and other items the online search told her smart phone to pick up to make a car bomb. It took about two hours to construct the homemade concoction. She sends Doni a text message for a few photos of Melo to be sent to her. He thinks it odd but sends them thinking she’s got something spiritual in mind, like praying for him.

Roaming through three different clubs she finally spots him. He looks as cocky in person as he did in the pics she saw when she had the couple bring photo albums during the “from the past” portion of one their sessions. Being incognito isn’t as easy as she expects. She probably shouldn’t have chosen the dress she did. Shooing men off grows tiring. Melo picks his chic for the night and heads for the exit. She swallows the drink quickly and hands the empty glass to the guy in her ear without hearing one word he’s said. Doni is right, he is the flashy type. How does he come into town to commit murder carrying on like this, so arrogant and ignorant? His luxury rental vehicle cries out for attention, she follows easily. He’s so wrapped up in his sexually induced moment his date isn’t even worthy of taking back to his hotel room, just straight to a nearby parking spot. He drives off laughing at her in the rearview mirror, while she’s cursing and crying in fear of being left alone in the darkness of the night.

“Straight slime ball.” Wilhe drunkenly tells herself.

Following him they arrive at the Moho™. There’s the ritzy hotel. Doni knows this dude very well. He takes his time walking inside caught up in a cell phone conversation he doesn’t even notice her eavesdropping. He’s attempting to entice Ronnie to get into agreeing with the hit on Doni. Though Ronnie shows his reluctance Melo assures it’s going down with or without his agreement. He promises Ronnie will be his second in command when the Cosca changes. Ronnie’s not sure if he’s cool with that either. This side of Melo is too untrustworthy.

She waits for the time to set the bomb in place. It’s designed to explode the second time the engine is started. She hopes he drives straight to the location so Doni can witness his death. The laughter is uncontrollable as she imagines the sight. The hysterical tears cloud up her drunken eyes so bad she swerves while driving.

Doni wakes at five. It’s early, but he’s ready for the day’s movements. He waits until he’s dressed and heading out before waking Maiya giving her strict orders not to leave the house. He shows her where all the guns are hidden, sets the infrared silent alarm, and heads out. He rents a nondescript black vehicle and heads over early to the spot to prepare an escape route planting a few guns along the way. Doni sits duck on a rooftop nearby. Froggy arrives first. Rosen arrives and quickly gets instructions through the passenger side of an expensive car that has Carmelo dripping all over it. The dark tint only solidifies to Doni who is inside. Studying their motions and movement tells him they’re gonna trap him in a triangle formation. Doni shakes his head at Carmelo and his triangle addiction. Then he smirks at the easiness. He’s glad he talked with Dr. Gaines. The perfectly executed plan he so desperately needed is about to go down. Forced back to the Mafioso mindset he steps right out of the love for his wife and unborn son long enough to focus on completing the plan. The Dr.’s orders are timely. The gun plants were placed in a triangle escape pattern. He decides to use Melo’s signature killing staple for his own demise. They move to their setting up Doni spots. No need in waiting any longer. He hails Mary, kisses the rose-colored gold rosary hanging from his neck and exits the building.

“Doni, how are you buddy?”

“Rosen! I’m good dude. And you?”

“I’m good.” Nothing else can be said. He’s Doni’s first fatality of the morning. The quick gunshots startle Froggy. Carmelo is comfortably sitting in his car waiting to watch his cousin earn his stripes. He smiles when he hears the gunshots thinking Doni must’ve tried the businessman. He’s got some pretty big balls to try to take out a Mafioso like Doni. He’s so completely consumed in revenge that he momentarily forgets who he’s seeking revenge against. He’s only focused on taking over the crew and a subsequent war with Vinnie’s aging mind for his spot too. Froggy running for his life displays to Melo he’s not going to make the cut. He knows Doni is going to kill this kid easily. Doni eases his way out of the side of the building trapping Froggy in the one set for him. Melo’s eyes brighten.

“Hey man, it’s not me, it’s Melo. He’s right over there.”

Doni doesn’t need him pointed out. He knows where every victim is positioned. Melo on the other hand isn’t too happy a family rats him out so straightforwardly.

“You should have minded your own business.” Straight to the head is Doni’s trademark. Melo starts his car to give chase. Doni’s not in the mood. He shoots at the car, it won’t start. He walks closer to get a better shot. Melo, puzzled why an expensive rental car won’t start, presses the start button again. It explodes! The air pressure from the explosion sends Doni backwards.

“Damn dude, who’d you piss off in Chi-town? You just got here,” he retrieves his unused weapons shaking his head at the fire and smoke.

The key turning in the door gives Maiya astronomical relief. She’s been sitting in silence with five guns, two on each side and one in her hand, cocked and ready. Doni’s face never turned her on so much.

“Oh, GOD, Doni.” The tears shoot from her eyes.

“It’s over for now.”

“Doni, I don’t wanna live like this.”

“I know Belle,” he hugs her tight giving her as much comfort as possible knowing he’s got more to say and does. “I can’t promise we won’t go through this again. What I can promise is I will always protect you, us, always,” he notices the guns on the sofa. “After Josariah comes I’m gonna teach you how to use those things.”

The pains of labor are nothing Maiya mentally could prepare for. Not with all the other stuff she’s mentally dealing with. “Lamaze sucks,” she explains.

“Just breathe Belle.”

“Breathing sucks,” she replies to his carefree response. Sitting in a red ball cap nonchalantly playing on his cell phone sucks the most. He figures the baby would arrive as soon as they got to the hospital. Josariah has his controlling father in an uncontrollable situation. Maiya rolls her eyes at him. She decides she no longer likes the color red.

“Aren’t you the lucky one? Don’t even care that I’m dying over here.”

“I thought you were sleeping,” he puts his phone down and gets up to cater to her every need.

“Do you really think I can sleep feeling like a train is riding around inside my uterus?”

“Belle just take the shot. The pain will go away.”

“I don’t want it.”

“You got one more hour. After that it’s off the table.”

Within thirty minutes ear piercing screams cause Doni’s ears to ring.

“Give me that damned shot! Give me two,” she begs the nurse.

Twenty minutes after that she’s quiet and happy like she’s had one too many drinks while in labor. “Remind me again why I didn’t want an epidural.”

“It doesn’t even matter Belle. Feeling better?”

“As good as I can with this bowling ball escaping my body.”

“We’re half way there.”

“We? Let me sit over there and play FreeCell while you do this.”

“Uh, no thank you. If men have to give birth it’d be five people in the world’s population.”

“I know. Ooh. Don’t make me laugh it still hurts a little. Did I pack my chess set?”

“You don’t wanna get beat in chess during labor, do you?”

“Don’t talk mess. I’ll throw the placenta at you.”

“Yuck, don’t do that.”

“You better let me win or you’ll be getting a placenta facial,” he kisses his wife’s exhausted face.

Twelve hours and thirty-three minutes later Josariah Rae Gucciani makes his way into the world quietly with a screw you look on his face. Everyone gets the screw you face, the doctor, nurse, and even daddy.

“I guess he wasn’t ready to come out.” Doni and the staff find humor in how serious their newborn is lookin’. Hearing mommy’s voice gets the wide eye look. He’s still not ready to give up the screw you face.

“Hi son, welcome to real life. GOD is here to protect you baby, and so are we.” Now, he’s ready to give it up. He closes his eyes hearing her voice. His quick smirk displays a deep dimple with two smaller ones on top of it.

“Aim high. Get ready. See your target, shoot,” Doni directs.

“Whew! That’s some power! It felt like my wrist was gonna pop.”

“You’ll get used to that.” The outdoor range doesn’t trap the sound of gunfire so it’s not as bad as the first lesson inside. The earmuffs also help. “You ready, shoot,” she empties the clip.

“I never thought in a million years I would ever shoot a gun.”

“It’s what happens when you marry a fine guy like me.”

“The art of persuasion,” she reveals. He smacks her back side letting it jiggle in his hand. “Watch yourself I’m armed.”

“You’re going to shoot your baby daddy.”

“Not today,” she focuses her aim, eyes the target. The heated rush travels throughout her being. The target has several vital holes.

“Impressive, for your first time, paramedics wouldn’t be able to help him.”

“Maybe I’ll do the next hit with you,” her adrenaline causes her to say. He shudders at the idea. She on the other hand really considers it. The thought of firing a weapon to protect her family, to get rid of the people who were the cause of them living in an unknown land, is arousing….

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